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Apollo & the Continents

Inspired by Tiepolo's eighteenth-century ceiling frescoes in Italy and Germany, Apollo & the Continents combines artfully-staged original video footage with actors, costumes, animals, painting, digital wizardry, sound and music to depict an elaborate series of interconnecting tableaux of nearly one hundred mythological and allegorical figures in alternately serious and playful poses.

Philip Haas’s creative work, defined by a series of spectacular transformations in scale and medium, is in dialogue with the history of art. Commenting on the breathtaking, playful illusionism of a Tiepolo ceiling, Haas says,

“My intention has been to create the video as if it were designed by Tiepolo himself, translating painterly trompe-l’oeil into otherworldly digital visual effect.”

The Continents

Video Clips

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